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VM i UV-rugby 2009 inställt

24 MAJ 2009 21:12
VM i UV-rugby 2009 har ställts in då arrangörerna i Spanien ej kunnat tillhandahålla en acceptabel bassäng.
  • Uppdaterad: 24 MAJ 2009 21:16

Dear All

I am sad to bring this information, but the WC-2009 in UW-Rugby is canceled.

The final decision is taken on the response from the federation about this matter.

The response is, that a majority of the federations cannot accept the pool, because the given pool do not reach the necessary requirement. Second is that the lack of time to arrange another pool in Spain 2009. Therefore we have to cancel the UW-Rugby WC-2009 in Spain, and look for a host to take on the responsibility in the fall 2010.

So I will ask you all in your federations to work for your possibility to arrange the WC-2010 in your country and return with answers to me. The pool should be situated in or near a major city with good international connection.

Spain is off cause still welcome to take on the responsibility in 2010, but we have to point out that pool has to fulfill the necessary minimum requirements (best near the max requirements) and that the pool is situated in or nearby a city with good international connection.

If any of you have any questions don´t hesitate to write.

Finally I have to thank Spain for trying to put together a WC-2009 in UW-Rugby in so short a notice. It could have been good, just sadly that the pool missed.

Best regards Søren Neubert / CMAS UW-Rugby commission president

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