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Open European Cup of Nations 2013

10 FEB 2013 21:45
UV-rugbykommittén har informerat UVR-kontakter i världen att det planerade Öppna Europeiska Cupen för landslag under första veckan i juli 2013 har blivit inställd på grund av för lågt intresse.
  • Uppdaterad: 10 FEB 2013 22:43

Följande info har skickats ut:

Hi UWR-Presidents and Contacts, it is with great regret that I have to inform you that Sweden has decided to cancel the efforts to arrange an Open European Cup of Nations in July 2013.

The simple reason for this is that we didn't even get half of the teams we needed and most of the "top" nations would not come.

We are obviously disappointed as the indications we got from the pre-investigations were that there was enough support and that is why we initiated this attempt. What this indicates to us is that some of you as UWR-representatives are not in full synch with your Federations.

We also understand that the Entry fee has been a hurdle but as I indicated in my previous e-Mail we were working on reducing this hurdle and were confident that it would be possible.

The good news is that Sweden understands that we are one of the Nations next up to arrange a championship and that we are still committed to do this. We only need to get an indication from you when this would be possible.

We suggest that we all make sure to have our Federations understanding and the right representatives present at the Champions Cup in November so we can discuss our future.

Skribent: Manuel Tito de Morais

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